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9 mai 2012


Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao will play on Wednesday starting at 21:45, the National Arena, Champions League Final 2012. The match will be streamed TV station ProTV DolceSport

UEFA Champions League Final 2012 organizers will decide this afternoon whether the national scene retractable roof will be used to match this evening,

Atletico Mdrid - Athletic Bilbao

. Meteorologists admonish that playing at the 2012 Champions League final (9:45 p.m.), in Bucharest will be conditions of rain and low temperatures around 17 degrees Celsius, write
The two teams, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao, who will duel in the 2012 Champions League final in Bucharest worth hundreds of million euros, according to specialist websites. Atletico Madrid's players are ranked from 179.5 million euros, while those from Bilbao - to 141.7 million euros, writes

Bookmakers have prepared hundreds of bets on Champions League final on Wednesday evening: Goals of the penalty, first goalscorer, last goalscorer of the game, own goals and victory on penalties, etc. online betting during the match.

More fans than tickets

Regardless of team composition, final in a stadium filled to the last. In fact, thousands of Spanish fans arrived in Bucharest without a ticket, so black market price of a ticket is currently at least 1,200 euros.
All of the fans comes only concern of the authorities. There are voices who claim that the Gendarmerie in Bucharest teams fans will try to provoke the Iberian counterparts. Bucharest streets are crowded with policemen, gendarmes and agents of several security companies, and any incidents between fans missed, fortunately, to the present moment.

Teams Index:

Athletic Bilbao: Gorka Iraizoz - Iraola, Javi Martinez, Amorebieta, Aurtenetxe - Iturraspe marks, Ander Herrera - Susaeta, Llorente, Muniain (4-3-3). Coach: Marcelo Bielsa.

Atletico Madrid:

Courtois - Juanfran, Godin, Miranda, Luis Filipe - Mario Suarez, Gabi - Arda Turan, Adrian Lopez, Diego - Falcao (4-2-3-1). Coach: Diego Simeone.

How are the two teams in the Primera Division

Atletico Madrid

- instead of 5, 53 points

Athletic Bilbao

- instead of 10, 49 points.

Atletico Madrid

conquered Europe League in 2010, after he defeated, 2-1, in Fulham. In the same year, Atletico won the European Super Cup (2-0 against Inter Milan).

In 1962, Atletico Madrid won the Cup Winners Cup: 1-1 and 3-0 in the replay with Fiorentina.

Athletic Bilbao

will dispute a final this season: will meet FC Barcelona in the Spanish Cup final act, the Vicente Calderon, on May 25, 2012.



Atletico Madrid:

16 wins, one draw and one defeat

Athletic Bilbao:

9 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats.

Atletico Madrid

eliminated on: Lazio (16-I), Besiktas (optimal), Hannover (quarters), Valencia (semifinals)

Athletic Bilbao

eliminated on: Lokomotiv Moscow (16-I), Manchester United (optimal), Schalke (quarters), Sporting Lisbon (semfinale).

Head to Head in the Primera Division

Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid 3-0
Atletico Madrid - Athletic Bilbao 2-1

Brigade referees:

Central: Wolfgang Stark
Assistants: Jan-Hendrik Salver and Mike Pickel
Additional assistance: Florian Meyer and Deniz Aytekin (all in Germany).
Referee reserve: Stephane Lannoy (France)
Backup assistant referee: Mark Borsch (Germany).

The final score of the match between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid played at the National Arena in Bucharest - Romania, match that will decide the winner of Champions League was. At rest, the stadium scoreboard showed the score.
Here's how it went

EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL BETWEEN 2012 AND Athletic Bilbao Atletico Madrid:

90 +3 min. Final match.
90 +3 min. ⇔ Change Atletico. Arda Turan comes, enter Dominguez.
90 +3 min. IBAIA bomb sent the ball hits the cross Naine to go to Auto gate.
90 +1 min. xx Susaeta sees yellow.
Low 90. ⇔ Change in Madrid. Diego leaves, fall Koke.
Low 88. ⇔ Change in Madrid. Jesse Adrian, enter salvio.
Low 85. GOOOL ATLéTICO! Diego marked by a personal action in passing the three Basque and ending with a powerful shot with the left, the cross inside the box, leftmost position.
Low 82. Arda Turan received a blow to the face and is out on the ground, covered in blood.
Low 80. Falcao is on the brink of hattrick. His shot is off the bar.
Low 79. Good chance of scoring for Bilbao! Toquero's shot is rejected by Courtois.
Low 78. Arda Turan try a lob from 20 yards, caught Iraizoz.
Low 77. Susaeta to pull millimeter gate Coutois. Corner for Bilbao.
Low 75. xx Inigo Perez sees yellow for a foul on Adrian, 18 meters from goal, central location.
Low 73. IBAIA gets incredibly, including three opponents, his shot is rejected from Courtois, ball reaches Inigo, but it sends over the gate.
Low 71. IBAIA shoot beautiful, the volley, over the gate from 16 meters.
Low 70. Courtois surely catch centering on the left.
Low 68. Miranda rejects a focus on the left corner.
Low 67. Diego sends the free kick over wearing a impossible position near the corner of the field, the leftmost position.
Low 66. Mario Suarez commit hentai midfield.
Low 64. xx Amorebieta sees yellow.
Low 63. ⇔ Change in Bilbao. Jesse Ander Herrera, enter Toquero.
Low 60. Llorente is locked in a 3 square Madrid Atletico's defenders.
Low 59. Inigo sent directly to the gate of the free kick from 35 meters, Courtois rejects the corner.
Low 58. Ander Herrera putrernic shoot much over the gate from inside the penalty area after a corner on the right.
Low 55. Gabi's shot, the center portion is caught by Gorka.
Low 52. Adrian is surprised in offside position.
Low 51. 52,347 spectators are present in the National Arena
Min 50. Madrilenii to defend the entire team in their own land.
Low 46. Half belongs to the first corner of the Athletic, but to no avail.
Low 46. He started the second half.
⇔ Two changes made to break Bilbao: Inigo Perez and his place IBAIA Aurtenetxe and Iturraspe
45 min 2. End of the first half.
45 +1 min. Marcos placed the shoots from 20 yards, the ball is deflected into a corner unsuccessful.
Low 45. Falcao sent to bear, from 15 meters, the leftmost position.
Low 44. Atletico's Corner, on the left, remains unsuccessful after the whistle foul in attack.
Low 41. Reject Herrera's Arda Turan corner focus, on the left.
Low 41. Gorka has one input and goalkeeper Gorka duzră to those in Bilbao needs second best to recover.
Low 40. Athletic was given charge of the game. Basques have possession at this time.
Low 34. GOOOL ATLéTICO! Falcao is double after returning a defender, in centers, and draws heavily on the wrong foot, Gorka diving too quickly.
Low 33. Juanfran is fouled in the right lane.
Low 29. Javi Martinez's superb out of defense with the ball in the leg. Unfortunately, the ball centered on the right comes into his arms Courtois.
Low 26. xx Falcao is warned after a foul on Iturraspe
Low 24. Muniain's shot is rejected spectacular Courtois.
Low 23. Diego sends the wall and caught the corner result Gorka
Low 22. xx Herrera sees the first yellow card of the game, after fouls it back defender Diego, 18 meters from the gate of Athletic
Low 18. Llorente resume right next to Miranda, of 8 meters, but the ball passes the gate of Courtois.
Low 17. Susaeta focus on the right, but Atletico's defenders reject.
Low 15. Bilbao is the first corner of the game, defenders reject Madrid.
Low 14. Luis Filipe fouls in attack, an offensive up the left lane.
Low 12. Goal scored by Falcao is the 28th in 29 games in the Europa League.
Low 10. Athletic went out to attack and has a shot from 30 meters. Llorente weak resume head of 8 meters. Bilbao penalty required to duel Juanfran - Llorente
Low 7. GOOOL ATLéTICO! Falcao has an incredible success, with a shot to the left, the elbow, from the box, right lateral position.
Low 6. Adrian enters the left after a mistake Athletic's defense, but can shoot powerful Diego from plants
4 min. Diego sent a centering the square, the free kick, head Amorebieta rejects, but foul whistle in the attack.
Min 2. Arda Turan has a spectacular pass on the right flank, but his focus is resumed the next head of Adrian
Min 2. The first attack of the game belongs to the Atletico.
Min 1. He started the first European Cup final hosted by Romania.

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