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23 aug. 2013


The funeral of Florin Cioabă will begin on Friday at 11.00 in his yard, where it will be placed a scene that guests will utter messages, and will be read will, after which the funeral cortege, which will be open a float will go to the cemetery, informs Tuesday. Dorin Cioabă, eldest son of the self-styled King of Roma, said on Wednesday that Friday at 11.00 at Florin Cioabă bier will start a service led by Benjamin Poplăcean, Chairman Board of Directors of the Baptist Theological Institute. The religious ceremony will be followed by the reading of the will and his coronation as king of Dorin Cioabă Roma, after which participants will leave the palace to Sibiu Municipal Cemetery. Funeral procession will be opened by a float and the funeral will include religious songs and band music. "Among all the titles of my father, the servant of God was the most important. Starts at 11h00 and the funeral sermon. Then out into the yard to continue the service and will read your guests on stage that will be located there. When sending messages, we will point the most painful for the family, for my mother. reading order is about inheritance of my father reading the first coronation and testament of my father and how political testament will divide my father's fortune. receive It behooves every thing, because my father had many things, many titles, and I and my brother had to take them on, "said Dorin Cioabă. According to Dorin Cioabă, he will receive the crown of Florin Cioabă from his brother, Daniel, from his mother, Marica and from those who had been his father's advisers. "Before my father to leave the house, I will give you the crown. Wreath will hand me my mother, my brother and those who were my father's advisors, people with degrees in management of the Royal House", said Dorin Cioabă. According to him, the Crown Council meets Thursday evening that will take horărârea "natural, normal" for him to be heir to the crown. "It's a natural decision normal. Crown is inherited, as my father inherited it from my grandfather. This was my father's wish.'m Thinking that this will happen much later. Still had much to learn from the father .'m ready! going to try to do everything right. I learned a lot from my father and I stole a lot, so to speak, with quotation marks, because my dad take me everywhere with him, sometimes forced, "he said the eldest son of Florin Cioabă. He added that after the coronation will say "The king is dead, long live the king" as Florin Cioabă will be led to Sibiu Municipal Cemetery where he will be buried next to his father, the former king of Roma Ion Cioabă. However, Dorin Cioabă said that the fire that burns in the night he was brought home Florin Cioabă will be off when the funeral cortege will leave the home, so that at every major intersection on the road to the cemetery to make stops for prayer.

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